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At 09:12 E65-2 was dispatched to assist CO20 (Mill Creek) with a gas odor at the Mill Stone Inn. E65-2 (FF Coder) staged for a short time before being released by command 20. At 12:25 E65-2, T-65-1, and SQ65 where dispatched to 9380 Loop Rd (Porter Twp) for a possible dwelling fire. Command 1 held the box to Co1. Shortly after clearing Huntingdon County struck box 10-5 for a dwelling fire at 10716 Raystown Rd (Smithfield Twp). E65-1 (FF Fagan) and TRK10 arrived with a mulch fire. Command 10 scaled the box back to E65-1 and CO10 TRK65 (FF Bell) returned in service. 65 finished the evening with E65-2 (FF Leonard), E65-1 (Dist. Chief Magill), SQ65 (Res. Capt Biddle), and TRK65 (FF Coder) responding to Westminister Woods for the AFA sounding.