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facebook_1461705227998facebook_1461705203127At 11:53 hrs, SQ65, and T65-1 were dispatched assisting CO1 for a reported dwelling fire along the Blue Springs Farm Ln off River Rd in Porter Twp. Chief 1 arrived on scene confirming report of a furnace malfunction at the residence, holding the response to CO1 and CO4. SQ65, and T65-1 returned to service at 12:06 hrs.

At 12:08 hrs, while returning from the CO1 assist call, a large volume of smoke was seen in the Stone Creek Ridge area near Gorsuch Rd. SQ65 and T65-1 started in that direction as Chief 65 was being updated from County 911 or receiving calls for a possible woods fire in that location. A full brush assignment was dispatched to the scene off of the Ponderosa Rd, (Henderson Twp) where 65 units confirmed the woods fire. Units from HRFR, mutual aid comapnies, surrounding county, and DCNR all were requested and assisted at the scene. Due to terrain and wind conditions these resources were requested as the fire “jumped” fire lines multiple times. Approx 4-5 acres burned. Units operated until 16:25 hrs. DCNR remained on scene to continuously check the area in the overnight hours.
HRFR Units operating: T65-1, T65-2, SU65, E65

At 16:11 hrs, While units were working the woods fire in Henderson Twp, Dept 65, and E7 (covering for E65) were dispatched for a reported MVC along the Raystown Rd (Walker Twp) in front of HRFR Station 6. QRS 65 (Lt 65-6) arrived on scene with a minor MVC and held the assignment to QRS65. Call ended at 16:28 hrs.
HRFR Units operating: QRS65, R65, E7(covering E65)20160426_154140_resized_1brush fire3