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At 17:31 hrs, Dept 65 was dispatched for a minor MVC at the intersection of 13th and Moore Streets (Huntingdon Borough).  Chief 65-5 reported a minor two vehicle MVC with minimal fluids down and a small amount of debris. SQ65 and R65 went enroute to the scene. SQ65 was placed back into service. R65 (Trk Capt 65) arrived and contained the small fluid spill and began debris removal. FP65 provided traffic control of the scene. No injuries reported. Call ended at 18:08 hrs.

At 23:55 hrs, E65 was dispatched for a transfer assignment to CO19 while they assisted on a chimney fire with extension call in Mifflin County. E65 was placed available a short time later as CO19 was placed available from Mifflin.  Call ended at 00:04.